With our industry being an area of environmental concern, we feel it is even more important to improve the sustainability of our business and we are consistently updating our systems and processes to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. We have identified the key areas below as areas of concern and have taken steps to adapt our business to be more sustainable. 
At our head office we have completely automated our management systems, meaning all of our documentation and communication between ourselves, customers and suppliers is electronic. Automating our systems has drastically reduced our paper waste and increased efficiency in general. We have also integrated a review system which enables our clients to feedback any issues which is mutually beneficial as we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 
We made a conscious decision when looking for new premises to avoid new build developments and instead utilise excess office space within an existing company. Our offices are heated using biomass energy and have motion sensor lighting installed to ensure energy is only being used when required. We also recycle all excess pallets and our limited paper waste at our neighbouring recycling plant, all helping to reduce our carbon footprint. 
We aim to consolidate our shipments, utilising all space within our vehicles where possible and using our in house storage to hold goods in order to bulk deliver where possible. For example, instead of making 10 deliveries to one venue, we would look to take all shipments to a designated venue at the same time reducing carbon emissions and playing our part in protecting our environment. We also have a network of likeminded partners throughout the UK who help us in our quest to reduce carbon emissions. 
Sustainable paper 
Our marketing communications are mainly electronic, however our marketing materials are printed on FSC materials which means the paper we have chosen has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. 
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